What is VOTE-COPE?

VOTE-COPE is the statewide union’s voluntary, non-partisan advocacy fund. NYSUT member contributions help us advocate for our members' rights and for strong, safe public schools across the state.

How does VOTE-COPE help educators and union members in our state?

VOTE-COPE helps us protect the things that matter to all of our members: 


Academic Freedom


Collective Bargaining


Everything we value and have fought for depends on our members working together as one. VOTE-COPE turns the separate voices of 675,000 members into a single, united voice for our values.

Just this past year, candidates supported by VOTE-COPE have contributed to important victories:




How does VOTE-COPE choose which candidates to support?

VOTE-COPE endorses candidates who support educators and public education and who align with our union values.

We also make sure to support candidates who have the greatest likelihood of being able to advocate for us in the halls of power. 

NYSUT supports both Republicans and Democrats and has a thorough endorsement process for vetting candidates. The only criteria for earning our endorsement are a demonstrated commitment to labor and education issues.

While you might not personally like some of the candidates the union endorses, it's important we collectively support the ones who support our collective rights as workers. 

Why should NYSUT members contribute to VOTE-COPE?

VOTE-COPE is one of the best investments you can make in yourself, your family, your profession, your colleagues, your school and public education.

NYSUT members: contact your local union leader to find out how to give to VOTE-COPE.

Did You Know?

The total amount of NYSUT dues used to support political candidates.

The typical amount of VOTE-COPE contributions that are sent to local unions for activities, school board races and the passage of school budgets.

The amount NYSUT is outspent by bad actors trying to break up our union.

The amount of VOTE-COPE money that goes to protect the things that UNITE US: Pensions, Tenure, Salaries, Fair Working Conditions 

How much ultra-wealthy and corporate donors are giving to fund anti-education union-killing advocacy organizations. We must fight back!

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