2022 Election Victories

From the NYSUT Officers

Andrew Pallotta


Jolene T. DiBrango

Executive Vice President

J. Philippe Abraham


Ron Gross

Second Vice President

We’re pleased to provide this 2022 Voter Guide so YOU and YOUR VOTE can help elect pro-public education, pro-labor candidates in Albany and Washington, D.C., in the Nov. 8 General Election. 

In a divided nation, we need to come together around issues that unite us — like our public schools. 

The hardships from the past few years remind us just how important our public schools, universities and hospitals are. This election, we’re committed to endorsing candidates up and down the ballot who will fight for the issues that matter to NYSUT members — like funding for public schools, colleges and hospitals; safe schools for all; repealing receivership; tier equity; and so much more. 

NYSUT has a member-driven endorsement process for political candidates. Endorsed candidates are thoroughly vetted by NYSUT local presidents and by NYSUT’s Political Action Committee. The union’s Board of Directors gives final approval. 

NYSUT does not make endorsements based on party lines. The statewide union supports candidates who will unite us and keep public schools as the center of our communities. 

We encourage you to read and consider the information in this voter guide before casting your ballot. You can vote absentee, vote early (Oct. 29 through Nov. 6), or at your local polls on Election Day. Whatever your choice, make a plan and cast your ballot. 

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VOTE-COPE is the statewide union’s voluntary, non-partisan advocacy fund. NYSUT member contributions help us advocate for our members' rights and for strong, safe public schools across the state. No member dues dollars are used to support political candidates.

Recognizing Our Successes

When NYSUT fights, we win. At no time has this been more apparent than in the past year, when the statewide union and its national affiliates, the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association, notched legendary wins for members. Thanks to NYSUT advocacy, the 2022-23 New York state budget moved us closer to fully funding Foundation Aid, helped address the teacher shortage and won increased support for pre-K. NYSUT also advocated for expanded funding for mental health services, increased funding for SUNY, CUNY and community colleges and provided much-needed relief for SUNY hospitals. We also took the first steps toward fixing the flawed Tier 6 pension plan, ensuring that new members have access to a high-quality, fair pension.

In New York state, union advocacy fought for and won:

  • $31.2 billion in total school aid, for an overall 7.2 percent increase.
  • $891.8 million in public higher education funding for SUNY and CUNY, including
  • $106 million for hiring full-time faculty.
  • Tier 6 fixes, reducing employee vesting from 10 to five years of service.
  • Suspended APPR requirement for another year.
  • Elimination of the burdensome edTPA exam, which created unnecessary barriers to future educators joining the profession.
  • Enactment of new class-size limits in New York City classrooms.

Unions also made significant gains at the federal level with the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, the American Rescue Plan, and approval for the Keep Kids Fed Act.

The May school board races and primary elections brought better news, with union-endorsed candidates winning big statewide. Union advocacy also led to student debt relief for thousands of our members.

Continuing the Fight For Our Future

NYSUT leadership is laser-focused on getting results for all members and ensuring that we do not return to the pre-COVID-19 status quo, but to something better. It’s a time when our members and public education are under attack. But it’s also a time of a rising tide in the labor movement when we can use our collective influence to make substantive changes in people’s lives.

Here’s some of what we’ll be working on this year: 

Fixing tier inequities and APPR permanently

No more half-measures or temporary band-aids; these are issues that are on the forefront of our members’ minds, and we will ensure they’re in front of decision-makers in Albany. It’s time for our Tier 5 and 6 colleagues to get a fair shake as they look ahead in their careers and it’s long past time for a permanent fix to APPR so that teachers can teach and students can learn without interference.

Strengthen our higher education systems

At the higher education level, we’ll continue to advocate for SUNY, CUNY and community colleges to be properly funded. Our public higher-education system is one of the great jewels of New York state and the key to our success as an economic powerhouse. To provide New York with a world-class, higher-education system, we must substantially increase the number of full-time faculty and better compensate adjunct faculty.

Strong, safe public schools as the centers of our communities

Our members’ working conditions are students’ learning conditions and our schools should be places of sanctuary. NYSUT will continue working at the state and local levels to ensure our schools live up to these ideals. This includes substantial efforts to address the social-emotional needs of students, ensure appropriate staffing levels, foster community partnerships and confront the crisis of mass violence.

Our enduring commitment

As always, we will continue to fight for good jobs, health care and better workplace conditions across the state at every level. We’ll also continue fighting for the professional dignity and respect that every one of our members deserve.

How does NYSUT choose which candidates to support?

NYSUT endorses candidates who support educators and public education and who align with our union values. We also support candidates who have the greatest likelihood of being able to advocate for us in office.

NYSUT supports both Republicans and Democrats and has a thorough endorsement process for vetting candidates.

While you might not love some of the candidates the union endorses, it's important we support the ones who support our collective rights as workers.

How to Cast Your Vote

It's never been more important to vote... and it's never been easier. Choose ONE of the following three methods to vote this year:

Vote Absentee


  • Oct. 24 is the last day for the board of elections to RECEIVE absentee applications — applications must be physically in their office by that date, not postmarked.
  • Apply for a ballot in-person by Nov. 7. 


  • Request an absentee ballot by going to absenteeballot.elections.ny.gov
  • Mail your ballot no later than Nov. 8. Drop off your ballot at your polling place on or before Election Day.

Vote Early


Early voting runs Oct. 29 to Nov. 6.


Vote In Person on Election Day


  • Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 8.


  • Go VOTE!

NYSUT's Endorsed Candidates


Governor Kathy Hochul

Governor Kathy Hochul

Governor Hochul has taken decisive action to deliver immediate relief to working and middle-class families and small businesses. Under her leadership, New York state made historic investments in public education, which helped students, educators, school-related professionals and their communities begin the road to recovery after two years of the pandemic. She’s pledged an additional $2.1 billion to increase the number of educators, bus drivers and support staff in New York’s public schools. She’s outlined a vision to transform SUNY into the best public higher education system in the nation by expanding its global reach as a leader in research and innovation. Hochul is committed to ensuring that New York remains a national leader in education. 

Lieutenant Governor Antonio Delgado

Lieutenant Governor Antonio Delgado

Lieutenant Governor Delgado is an effective advocate for New York state. As the first person of color to represent upstate New York in Congress, he worked with local, state and federal partners — regardless of party — to get results. From improving access to quality, affordable health care, to fighting for universal pre-K, to serving our nation’s veterans, to protecting our small businesses and family farms, Delgado was an accomplished legislator who achieved results.

Eighteen of his bills were signed into law under two different presidents, and he was recognized by various organizations for his bipartisan work. His legislative accomplishments include passage of the Family Farmer Relief Act, the Strengthening Financial Aid for Students Act and the Improving Benefits for Underserved Veterans Act.

Attorney General Letitia James

Attorney General James is both the ‘People’s Lawyer’ and the state’s chief legal officer, serving as the guardian of the legal rights of the citizens of New York, its organizations and its natural resources. Her office has mounted key cases against Big Tech and large pharmaceutical companies, winning more than a billion dollars in opioid settlements to invest in communities statewide. James also lent a helping hand to New Yorkers during the pandemic, cracking down on price gouging, fighting for safe workplaces and helping families stop evictions. James shares the values of organized labor, and of working people statewide, and will continue to be a fierce advocate on behalf of all New Yorkers.

Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli

Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli

Comptroller DiNapoli, a longtime supporter of organized labor and NYSUT members, has a deep understanding of the needs of students, educators and families extending back to his days as a trustee on the Mineola Board of Education.

His dedication to financial stewardship is unmatched. He’s been a stalwart protector of retirement security for public employees his entire career and is a strong champion of the idea that public employees deserve a secure and fair retirement. He has aggressively fought public corruption and the misuse of taxpayers’ dollars, spoken out against fiscal gimmicks and government inefficiency, and strengthened one of the nation’s top public pension funds.


U.S. Senate - Statewide

Chuck Schumer

House of Representatives District/Name

1 Bridget Fleming

3 Robert Zimmerman

4 Laura Gillen

5 Gregory Meeks

6 Grace Meng

7 Nydia Velazquez

8 Hakeem Jeffries

9 Yvette Clarke

10 Dan Goldman

11 Max Rose

12 Jerrold Nadler

13 Adriano Espaillat

14 Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

15 Ritchie Torres

16 Jamaal Bowman

17 Sean Patrick Maloney

18 Pat Ryan

19 Josh Riley

20 Paul Tonko

21 Matt Castelli

22 Francis Conole

23 Max Della Pia

25 Joseph Morelle

26 Brian Higgins

Key Federal Races

U.S. Senate Chuck Schumer

U.S. Senate Chuck Schumer

Sen. Schumer is one of the strongest voices for New York’s educators in Congress. As Senate Majority Leader, he was instrumental in moving President Biden’s American Rescue Plan through Congress. The plan delivered critical resources to help schools reopen and operate safely during the pandemic. He also led efforts to forgive student debt and deliver Public Service Loan Forgiveness. Schumer continues to fight every day to improve working conditions and safety for educators, students and communities.

CD 4 Laura Gillen

CD 4 Laura Gillen

Gillen understands the needs of Long Island’s students and educators and will put them first in Washington. She knows the important role expanded mental health services play in our schools and will fight to get every student the resources they need to succeed. Gillen will be a strong advocate in Congress for Long Island’s education needs and will work to support educators, students and public schools every day.

CD 11 Max Rose

CD 11 Max Rose

Former Rep. Rose is fighting to ensure educators and public schools have the resources to prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century. In Congress, he led a bipartisan coalition to win $140 million in increased funding to combat the opioid crisis through prevention and treatment. If elected, he will be a champion of our issues in Washington.

CD 16 Jamaal Bowman

CD 16 Jamaal Bowman

The founder of Cornerstone Academy for Social Action in the Bronx, Rep. Bowman has fought for educators, students and families for two decades. He brought that experience to Congress, securing federal grants of more than $10 million in community development investments, $22 million for affordable housing and $14 million to rebuild roads, rails and bridges.

CD 18 Pat Ryan

CD 18 Pat Ryan

A combat veteran and former Ulster County Executive, Ryan has the experience we need in Washington. The son of a public school teacher and a public school graduate himself, Ryan knows the importance of public education, and will work each and every day to safeguard our students and uplift our educators. He also knows that more mental health services are badly needed and will advocate for the needs of all students in Congress.

CD 22 Francis Conole

CD 22 Francis Conole

Conole believes that public education is the bedrock of opportunity in our nation, providing future generations with the tools they need to succeed and move our country forward. He supports increased federal funding for STEM education, expanding broadband internet access, making community colleges tuition free and boosting the state’s investments in underserved schools by increasing Title I and Head Start program funding.


Senate District/Name

1 Anthony Palumbo 

2 Mario Mattera

3 Dean Murray

5 John Brooks

6 Kevin Thomas

7 Anna Kaplan

9 Ken Moore

10 James Sanders Jr.

11 Toby Ann Stavisky

12 Michael Gianaris

13 Jessica Ramos

14 Leroy Comrie

15 Joseph Addabbo

16 John Liu

17 Iwen Chu

18 Julia Salazar

19 Roxanne Persaud

20 Zellnor Myrie

23 Jessica Scarcella-Spanton

25 Jabari Brisport

26 Andrew Gounardes

27 Brian Kavanagh

28 Liz Krueger

29 Jose Serrano

30 Cordell Cleare

31 Robert Jackson

33 Gustavo Rivera

35 Andrea Stewart-Cousins

36 Jamaal Bailey

37 Shelley Mayer

38 Elijah Reichlin-Melnick

39 Julie Shiroishi

40 Peter Harckham

41 Michelle Hinchey

42 James Skoufis

43 Andrea Smyth

44 Jim Tedisco

45 Daniel Stec

46 Neil Breslin

47 Brad Hoylman

48 Rachel May

49 Mark Walczyk

50 John Mannion

51 Peter Oberacker 

52 Lea Webb

53 Joseph Griffo

54 Pamela Helming 

55 Samra Brouk

56 Jeremy Cooney

59 Kristen Gonzalez

60 Patrick Gallivan

61 Sean Ryan

62 Robert Ortt

Key New York Senate Races

SD 5 John Brooks

SD 5 John Brooks

As a former school board vice president and volunteer firefighter, Sen. Brooks cares deeply about his community. He is a strong advocate for public education, securing funding to reduce class sizes and preserving sports and after-school programs. Sen. Brooks has also increased funding for New York’s Gold Star Families.

SD 7 Anna Kaplan

SD 7 Anna Kaplan

Sen. Kaplan has fought tirelessly for Long Island school districts, supporting higher levels of education funding to ensure students get the education they deserve while lowering property taxes. She also secured funding to create nearly 1,000 new pre-K slots in her district, an important head start for students.

SD 26 Andrew Gounardes

SD 26 Andrew Gounardes

As a member of the Senate Higher Education Committee, Sen. Gounardes has worked to make higher education more affordable and accessible for all New Yorkers. He has introduced a constitutional amendment to make New York the first state in the country to guarantee the right to a free, quality higher education, and continues to push for SUNY and CUNY to be fully funded.

SD 39 Julie Shiroishi

SD 39 Julie Shiroishi

As a public school parent, Julie Shiroishi knows the importance of strong public schools. She will ensure that educators have the funding they need to make sure students are well-prepared for the future, and that higher education is accessible and affordable to those who want it. She will address the teacher shortage facing our state head on.

SD 44 Jim Tedisco

SD 44 Jim Tedisco

As ranking member of the Senate Education Committee and a member of the New York City Education Committee, Sen. Tedisco is a vocal proponent of strong public schools. A former special education teacher and guidance counselor, Tedisco knows that strong public schools mean strong communities. He continues to use his position in the Senate to advocate for New York’s educators and students.

SD 50 John Mannion

SD 50 John Mannion

Sen. Mannion is committed to making health care more accessible and affordable, increasing funding for local education and investing in infrastructure to attract well-paying jobs. He chairs the first ever Senate Standing Committee on Disabilities, championing many important causes. Mannion is a former Advanced Placement Biology teacher and NYSUT local president.

SD 52 Lea Webb

SD 52 Lea Webb

As a former Binghamton City councilmember, Webb helped remove and redevelop blighted properties and established community gardens to address food desert issues. She legislatively supported equal pay for women, small business development and job creation, and created a city-based human rights commission and climate action plan. Webb is a United University Professions member.

SD 61 Sean Ryan

SD 61 Sean Ryan

A member of the Senate Education Committee, Sen. Ryan is a tireless advocate for educators and students across New York state. He fights to protect public education, champion apprenticeship programs, strengthen student aid programs, and make sure schools are fully funded so every child can get the education they deserve.


Assembly District/Name

 1 Fred Thiele Jr. 

 3 Joseph DeStefano 

 4 Steven Englebright 

 5 Doug Smith 

 6 Philip Ramos 

 7 Jarett Gandolfo 

 9 Michael Durso 

 10 Steve Stern 

 11 Kimberly Jean-Pierre 

 12 Cooper Macco 

 13 Charles Lavine 

 14 David McDonough 

 15 Amanda Field

 16 Gina Sillitti 

 17 John Mikulin 

 18 Taylor Darling 

 19 Edward Ra  

 20 Michael Delury 

 21 Judy Griffin 

 22 Michaelle Solages

 23 Stacey Pheffer Amato

 24 David Weprin

 25 Nily Rozic 

 26 Edward Braunstein

 27 Daniel Rosenthal

 28 Andrew Hevesi

 29 Alicia Hyndman

 30 Steven Raga

 31 Khaleel Anderson

 32 Vivian Cook

 33 Clyde Vanel

 34 Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas 

 35 Jeffrion Aubry

 36 Zohran Kwame Mamdani 

 37 Juan Ardila

 38 Jenifer Rajkumar 

 39 Catalina Cruz 

40 Ron Kim

41 Helene Weinstein

42 Rodneyse Bichotte-Hermelyn

43 Brian Cunningham

44 Robert Carroll

45 Steven Cymbrowitz

46 Mathylde Frontus

47 William Colton

48 Simcha Eichenstein

49 Peter Abbate Jr.

50 Emily Gallagher

51 Marcela Mitaynes

52 Jo Anne Simon

53 Maritza Davila

54 Erik Martin Dilan

55 Latrice Walker

56 Stefani Zinerman

57 Phara Souffrant Forrest

58 Monique Chandler-Waterman

59 Jaime Williams

60 Nikki Lucas

61 Charles Fall

62 Michael Reilly

63 Vincent Argenziano

65 Grace Lee

66 Deborah Glick

67 Linda Rosenthal

68 Edward Gibbs

69 Daniel O’Donnell

70 Inez Dickens

71 Al Taylor

72 Manny De Los Santos

73 Alex Bores

74 Harvey Epstein

75 Tony Simone

76 Rebecca Seawright

77 Latoya Joyner

78 George Alvarez

79 Chantel Jackson

81 Jeffrey Dinowitz

82 Michael Benedetto

83 Carl Heastie

84 Amanda Septimo

85 Kenneth Burgos

86 Yudelka Tapia

87 Karines Reyes

88 Amy Paulin

89 J. Gary Pretlow

90 Nader Sayegh

91 Steven Otis

92 MaryJane Shimsky

93 Chris Burdick

94 Matthew Slater

95 Dana Levenberg

96 Kenneth Zebrowski

98 Karl Brabenec

99 Chris Eachus

100 Aileen Gunther

101 Matthew Mackey

103 Sarahana Shrestha

104 Jonathan Jacobson

105 Jill Fieldstein

106 Didi Barrett

108 John McDonald, III

109 Patricia Fahy

110 Phil Steck

111 Angelo Santabarbara

112 Mary Beth Walsh

113 Carrie Woerner

114 Matthew Simpson

115 D. Billy Jones

116 Scott Gray

117 Kenneth Blankenbush

118 Robert Smullen

119 Marianne Buttenschon

120 William Barclay

122 Brian Miller

123 Donna Lupardo

125 Anna Kelles

127 Albert Stirpe

128 Pamela Hunter

129 William Magnarelli

130 Brian Manktelow

132 Philip Palmesano

133 Sara Spezzano

134 Josh Jensen

135 Jennifer Lunsford

136 Sarah Clark

137 Demond Meeks

138 Harry Bronson

140 William Conrad

141 Crystal Peoples-Stokes

142 Patrick Burke

143 Monica Wallace

144 Michael Norris

145 Angelo Morinello

146 Karen McMahon

148 Joseph Giglio

149 Jonathan Rivera

150 Andrew Goodell

Key New York State Assembly Races

AD 21 Judy Griffin

AD 21 Judy Griffin

Assembly member Griffin pledges to fight for the funding our community deserves and to push for legislation to make Long Island more affordable for young families and seniors. Other priorities include expanding voting rights, safeguarding our environment and helping veterans, seniors, and young people in the wake of rising suicide rates and mental health issues.

AD 46 Mathylde Frontus

AD 46 Mathylde Frontus

Since her election in 2018, Assembly member Frontus has served her community and district with distinction, securing over $3 million for her southern Brooklyn community, including $125,000 for Kingsborough Community College and over $625,000 for area public schools. She continues to introduce legislation and support NYSUT’s priority issues. 

AD 63 Vincent Argenziano

AD 63 Vincent Argenziano

As the current deputy public administrator for Richmond County, and chief of staff for Assembly member Michael Cusick, Argenziano has a distinguished record of public service. His priorities include community safety, fighting for policies to help working families, supporting the needs of veterans, easing the burdens placed on small businesses and bringing quality jobs to the area.

AD 99 Chris Eachus

AD 99 Chris Eachus

As a former Orange County legislator, Eachus has stood for the values of middle and working class families. An educator and NYSUT member, Eachus understands the challenges all educators face including those at Special Act and BOCES schools. Eachus served on four committees as a county legislator: education and economic development, public health and safety, health and mental health, and human services.

AD 113 Carrie Woerner

AD 113 Carrie Woerner

Assembly member Woerner knows how important public education is to the students and families of New York and has consistently fought for reforms to make sure schools have the resources they need to give students the best education possible. Woerner focuses her efforts in the Assembly on agriculture, education and the arts.

AD 137 Demond Meeks

AD 137 Demond Meeks

Assembly member Meeks advocates for quality education, fair wages, workers’ rights and social justice. An organizer with 1199 SEIU and an active member of the Rochester Chapter of the Coalition of Black Trade Unionists, Meeks is committed to educating, organizing and mobilizing people around community issues, and improving the standard of living for Rochester citizens.

AD 142 Patrick Burke

AD 142 Patrick Burke

Assembly member Burke is a strong advocate for public educators, helping remove the mandate that state-created or administered tests be used for teacher evaluations. He also recently secured $1 million in funding for the West Seneca and Orchard Park school districts to improve school safety.

AD 143 Monica Wallace

AD 143 Monica Wallace

A United University Professions member, Assembly member Wallace is committed to public education at all levels, graduating with her bachelor’s degree and J.D. from SUNY institutions. In the Assembly, Wallace works to strengthen and fully fund public education as well as support the middle class and clean up government corruption.


On Nov. 8, vote yes for clean water and jobs!

The Clean Water, Clean Air and Green Jobs Environmental Bond Act is on the Nov. 8 ballot. NYSUT encourages members to vote yes!

The measure gives New Yorkers a once-in-a-generation opportunity to protect clean water, update sewer infrastructure and improve our quality of life statewide.

Bond improvements include: 

  • At least $500 million for zero-emission school buses. 
  • At least $400 million for green buildings, energy efficiency and renewable energy at state-owned properties, SUNY/CUNY,community colleges and public schools. 
  • More than $1.4 billion for disadvantaged communities, which are disproportionately impacted by pollution. 
  • Supporting nearly 100,000 jobs in New York state.

On Election Day VOTE YES on the Clean Water, Clean Air and Green Jobs Environmental Bond Act! Learn more at cleanwaterandjobs.org.

The Time is Now

There’s a lot at stake in this year’s elections. And NYSUT needs your help as we fight for public schools at the ballot box in November. This year’s elections are pivotal as politicians continue to launch attacks against educators and public education. NYSUT members like you help put the muscle behind the statewide union’s message, volunteering countless hours to support union-endorsed candidates through phone banking, distributing literature, engaging in other election activities and showing up to make your voices heard at the polls. We need you to help get-out-the-vote locally and statewide. Visit NYSUT’s Member Action Center at mac.nysut.org to join the fight!

NYSUT's Initiatives and Campaigns

VOTE-COPE is the statewide union’s voluntary, non-partisan advocacy fund. NYSUT member contributions help us advocate for our members' rights and for strong, safe public schools across the state. No member dues dollars are used to support political candidates.

VOTE-COPE is NYSUT’s Political Action Committee. VOTE-COPE funds are used in federal, state and local elections. Contributing to VOTE-COPE is voluntary, and NYSUT members and their immediate family members may refuse to contribute to VOTE-COPE without reprisal. Contributing to VOTE-COPE is not a condition of membership in any labor organization. Contributions to VOTE-COPE will be screened, and any unauthorized contributions will be returned. Contributions to VOTE-COPE are not deductible as charitable
contributions for federal income tax purposes.